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This website has been created to, first and foremost, share insights into some of my interests. Secondly, I hope to add value to others’ lives and give a sense of purpose, drive, and direction, if needed, for those seeking what they want, in life and within themselves and achieving their desires with financial freedom. Also, acquiring more time freedom to pursue other business ventures and enjoy a better quality of life, for myself, and others like you are of utmost importance. I want to empower people to use their highest potential.

Right now, I am enjoying an amazing life, on my own terms, doing what I love to do.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself, and how I’ve become part of an amazing community of online Mentors, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs, which has changed my life for the better and allowed me to live the life that I want and that we all deserve.

So, who am I?

I was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, in 1977, and I am the first of three children which made for a very exciting and interesting upbringing. I was a good kid (most of the time, hahaha), with a strong moral compass and foundation, and a curious mindset.

Ohhhhhh…how I Love the Great Outdoors…

Growing up on the warm sunny beaches and cool mountain slopes of the beautiful Okanagan made for a very well-rounded upbringing. Although a blessing, there was much turmoil and hardship for me growing up. I was raised in a typical hard-working, middle-class family. My parents divorced when I was four, and that’s when BIG boy life began…

In grade school, I was an average student with moments of brilliance (C+ average). Family life was pretty rough sometimes, so I ended up moving homes and schools quite often, and at age 17, I experienced another parental divorce.

Life felt like it was falling apart.

I left traditional school in grade 10 and moved to Vancouver, B.C. to live with my coach and his mother, my life mentor, in order to pursue a future in Motocross Racing, all while still finishing my grade school studies.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t come from Money. No silver spoon handouts here! I have always worked my ass off and I have put in my dues working in some extremely demanding and dangerous positions. The worst is the time I worked in an H2S death cloud back in my Oil Patch days. The pay was decent, but the work was not aligned with my Core Values, Passions, and Beliefs.

I definitely had to do, and did, a lot of soul searching and personal development.

It turns out that some of my beliefs were holding me back. I thought that if I worked hard and made a good living, that I would be happy. I quickly realized that my mental approach was not all that accurate.

The real question was…

What was my purpose in life?

I thought that hard work would bring me success. I was wrong! This mindset wasn’t totally true. Eventually, I would learn that smart work, not hard work, is the real key to success. What do I consider smart work? Doing what you love to do and are passionate about is my answer.

I also had to ask myself…

What was I passionate about? Over the next 4 years, I acquired my Red-Seal, Journeyman Motorcycle Mechanic Certification. I reached one of my goals of being a Factory Mechanic for the KTM Canadian Motocross Team in 2003. I then went to college and studied Business Administration only to drop out because of a challenging time in my life…more about that later. Eventually, I found myself Conducting Trains through the Columbia Mountains for Canadian Pacific Railway. As cool as that job was, I was unfulfilled and left when CPRail went on strike in 2012. Then, to make fast money, I went back to construction as a heavy equipment operator. I worked the hardest that I have ever worked over the next 6 months, made enough money to go to Costa Rica for 6 weeks, and Off I went to explore Central America.

I desperately needed to regroup!

Now, this might not be the kind of stuff you are looking for here, I know, About Me pages can sometimes seem a little silly,


I’m guessing that you may have your own questions about life, purpose, success, and how to accomplish that which you desire.

When I got back from Costa Rica in February of 2013, I felt lost and unfulfilled, like a rudderless sailboat…I once heard that “It’s the set of the sails, not the gales, which determines the way to go.” Where was I to go? I just had the time of my life, was back in Canada for no more than 48 hours, and already I desperately missed and longed to be back in Central America, in the ocean, floating on my surfboard, watching the sunset. I needed to set my sails again.

I began intensively researching online for a business opportunity that would fulfill my needs and wants. My requirements were to have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, with low start-up costs, no cold calling, no income limit, and something that could be done while I replaced my existing income. Basically, I wanted to work where I want, when I want.

What was I to do…?

I had to Think Big and Stretch my Horizons.

The secret was to turn my obstacles into opportunities. To get comfortable being uncomfortable.


Because I am 100% responsible for my results.


I TOOK THE PLUNGE!… started a business of my own, and I haven’t looked back…

I excitedly decided to commit to, and pursue, a fulfilling future in online business and education which allows me to have the time freedom, and flexibility that I want and need in order to be active in the pursuits I love.

The Film Industry is one of those pursuits.

I also started another venture called…

WRP Services, a Motorcycle Racing, Performance, and Service Company.

In the pursuit of excellence, some of my other accomplishments and certifications have been…

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, Professional Mountain Bike Instructor, National Coaching Certification Program – Cycling “Training to Race”, and Advanced Adventure Medic.

Here’s the big question…

Would you like to earn more income while having an abundance of time freedom all while being successful because you will be able to pursue what you want and love to do?

I’m sure the answer is, “YES”.

What does success mean to you?

Success to me… is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. The smartest thing to do is to do what you love. Success is a result of consistent action, perseverance, and hard work and there is no substitute for this.

Love what you do, do what you love, and create an environment that supports you.

You may be wondering…can Jeff help Me?

Simple answer…It’s Possible!

Take it from me, someone who took a leap of faith.

You, too, can have the quality of life, time, freedom, and success you want and rightfully deserve.


Money is the by-product of the service to others’ mindset. Delivering value first is the secret of the rich. Would you like to be the new rich?

Provide value and then reap the rewards.

First, we need a plan.

Welcome to…

Flexecutive Business Solutions,

…and a Community of Ethical and Passionate Digital Experts and Successful Entrepreneurs dedicated to everyone’s success.

If you want to escape the 9 to 5 corporate model and make a living doing what you love, then we have the solution and a business system that can help you reach your true potential and greatest desires.

Just Click the Link Below, or Click the “Start Here” Tab in the Menu.

Thanks for hearing my story. I’d like to hear yours.

All my best to you.


Jeffrey A. Wyers

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    1. Thanks, Brother. I really appreciate your suppport and I wish you the same. Cheers, Ryan!

  1. Congratulations Jeff,so happy to see this.
    Looking forward to more,more,more.
    Much love and great success

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