Breaking All The Rules

Breaking All The Rules

“If you want to be free, truly free in today’s world, you must have a respectable income. Network marketing gives everyone, regardless of their past, an opportunity to become financially independent. The fact that only a small percentage accomplish that, is another thing.”

“Jenna is one of the winners, in fact, one of the biggest earners, if not the biggest, in network marketing worldwide. In the pages of this book, she tells you how she’s done it. And she tells it in such a way that you will see how you, too, can do it. That’s Jenna’s sole reason for writing this book.”


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Rule: Success is for a certain type of person.

Reality: Success is for anyone willing to conquer their fears.

Rule: To be a good person, you must follow the rules.

Reality: You can still be a good person and also think for yourself.

Rule: There are many reasons why people fail.

Reality: The majority of ‘reasons’ are really ‘excuses.’

Rule: Friends and family want what is best for you.

Reality: Your friends and family want what’s safe for you and the best for them.

Rule: Failure teaches us what we’re not good at.

Reality: Failure teaches us what we need to become better at.

Rule: Seeing is believing.

Reality: Believing is seeing. Everything is created twice, once in the mind and then in physical reality.

Rule: Follow the leader.

Reality: Follow the documented leader but go your own way if what they’re doing is wrong.

Rule: Everyone has their limits, their breaking point.

Reality: Limits are in the mind, and we can push beyond them.

Rule: Having a lot of jobs means you’re a flake. You should choose ONE career and stick with it.

Reality: Discovering what you don’t want to do in life is just as helpful as figuring out what you do want to do. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Rule: Never Quit.

Reality: Quit the things that insult your soul but not what brings you closer to your goals.

Rule: Put your best foot forward.

Reality: Put any foot forward. Just jump! Just start.

Rule: Money is money.

Reality: Money is energy.

Rule: It takes money to make money.

Reality: It takes being on the same frequency as money to make money.

Rule: Speaking positively will create a positive life.

Reality: Speaking positively and meaning it will create a positive life.

Rule: The past cannot be changed.

Reality: How we feel about the past can be changed, and that is where we find peace.

Rule: The universe is random.

Reality: The universe is conscious.

Rule: Success requires that you stay busy.

Reality: Success requires that you stay focused.

Rule: Make a plan and stick to it.

Reality: Choose a direction and stick to it. Plans constantly change.

Rule: People need to work toward success.

Reality: Before you start working toward success, you need to decide to succeed.

Rule: We cannot control our thoughts.

Reality: Learning to control your thoughts is personal development.

Rule: Formal education is the guaranteed path to success.

Reality: Self-education is the only way to take control of your future.

Rule: Successful people read.

Reality: Successful people don’t just read; they study.

Rule: Have realistic goals.

Reality: What’s realistic is different for each person. Define your own reality.

Rule: Society’s reality is real.

Reality: Nothing is as it seems.

Rule: Don’t stand out; blend in. Go with the herd. Do what everyone else is doing.

Reality: Ignore what everyone else is doing and choose to create a custom life.

Rule: It’s important to have a firm grasp of reality.

Reality: Successful people create their own reality.

Rule: There is a perfect time for everything.

Reality: There is rarely a perfect time for anything.

Rule: The purpose of business is to turn a profit.

Reality: Profit is the by-product of delivering value to others.

Rule: The prudent thing is to ‘play it safe.’

Reality: In a world that is moving fast, playing it safe is the riskiest thing you can do.

Rule: Money is the greatest motivator.

Reality: The ultimate motivator is changing lives.

Rule: Your destiny is prewritten.

Reality: You are the author of your destiny.

Jenna Zwagil,

the top female earner in network marketing.

From her book, Breaking All The Rules.

“This book is a Godsend for those searching for that illusive something – something better, something bigger, something different – whether you’re in network marketing or not. There are no flashy strategies, you don’t need an MBA in business to understand it, but like Jenna, you must believe in You. If you don’t, I guarantee she will help you in this area.”

Bob Proctor

Best-selling author, You Were Born Rich

Breaking All The Rules

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