The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book


  • The Cosmos
  • Life After Death
  • Angels and Other Celestial Personalities


  • Evolution
  • Adam and Eve
  • Development of Civilization
  • Spirituality


  • The Human and Devine Jesus
  • The Missing Years
  • His Teachings

The Urantia Book – Audio

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KARMA – A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

KARMA – A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

Unraveling Karma

To All seekers…

The inner journey through an uncharted landscape can be fraught with contradictions of thought, emotion, experience, and action. Lifting the haze of these contradictions in the minds and hearts of all seekers of truth is the goal.

Spiritual seekers usually want to shed their karma, but it is important to remember that karma is not our enemy. It is not necessary to eliminate all karma to lead a life of well-being. Indeed, we would not be able to live without karma, for human life is sustained by it. At the same time, karma can become wounding and deeply entangling if we do not learn how to handle it.

You are free to choose whether you want to generate positive karma for the future, distance yourself from your karmic package, or dissolve it altogether. The choice is yours…

This book hopes to be both an exploration and a guide, offering the reader keys to living intelligently and joyfully in a challenging world. In the process, it seeks to restore the word karma to its original transformational potential. It hopes to peel off accretions of misunderstanding and look at karma in all its pristine power and with all its explosive resonance.

karma: Refers to the volition with which one performs action. Karma is the mechanism by which relative existence maintains itself. Refers to past action: the cause of all bondage. That which binds one to the body and creates tendencies that rule one’s life. Law of cause and effect.

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Affirm the Power of Your subconscious Mind

Affirm the Power of Your subconscious Mind

I can do all things through the power of my Subconscious Mind. Whatever thought I consciously impress upon my Subconscious, my Subconscious will find a way to make happen. Strength, health, and goodness flow through me and all of those around me, and I wish the best for everyone I encounter throughout each and every day. I am thankful for all of the blessings bestowed upon me.

Commentary: For affirmations to be effective, you must believe in the power of belief. This affirmation helps build belief, which then serves as the foundation on which all other affirmations are built.

The Power of Your subconscious Mind – Audiobook

The Power of Your subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
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(a comparison)

“The Lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.”



Energy moves into physical form.

2. The Law of RELATIVITY.

Nothing is good or bad, fast or slow, big or small…until you relate it to something.


Everything in the Universe vibrates…nothing rests. The great secret of Life.


The Master Key System

The Master Key System


Nature compels us all to move through life. We could not remain stationary however much we wished. Every right-thinking person wants not merely to move through life like a sound-producing, perambulating plant, but to develop – to improve – and to continue the development mentally to the close of physical life.

This development can occur only through the improvement of the quality of individual thought and the ideals, actions, and conditions that arise as a consequence. Hence a study of the creative processes of thought and how to apply them is of supreme importance to each one of us. This knowledge is the means whereby the evolution of human life on earth may be hastened and uplifted in the process.

Humanity ardently seeks “The Truth” and explores every avenue to it. In this process, it has produced a special literature, which ranges the whole gamut of thought from the trivial to the sublime – up from Divination, through all the Philosophies, to the final lofty Truth of “The Master Key”.

“The Master Key” is here given to the world as a means of tapping the great Cosmic Intelligence and attracting from it that which corresponds to the ambitions, and aspirations of each reader.

Every thing and institution we see around us, created by human agency, had first to exist as a thought in some human mind. Thought therefore is constructive. Human thought is the spiritual power of the cosmos operating through its creature man. “The Master Key” instructs the reader how to use that power and use it both constructively and creatively. The things and conditions we desire to become realities we must first create in thought. “The Master Key” explains and guides the process.

“The Master Key” teaching has been published in the form of a Correspondence Course of 24 lessons, delivered to students one per week for 24 weeks. The reader is warned not to attempt to read the book like a novel, but to treat it as a course of study and conscientiously to imbibe the meaning of each part – reading and re-reading one part only per week before proceeding to the next. Otherwise, the later parts will tend to be misunderstood and the reader’s time and money will be wasted.

Used as thus instructed, “The Master Key” will make the reader a greater, better personality, and equipped with a new power to achieve any worthy personal purpose and a new ability to enjoy life’s beauty and wonder.

F. H. Burgess

The Master Key System

Part One – Study Questions with Answers

1. What is the world without in its relation to the within?

The world without is a reflection of the world within.

2. Upon what does all possession depend?

All possession is based on consciousness.

3. How is the individual related to the objective world?

The individual is related to the objective world by the objective mind; the brain is the organ of this mind.

4. How is he related to the Universal Mind?

He is related to the Universal Mind by the subconscious mind; the Solar Plexus is the organ of this mind.

5. What is the Universal Mind?

Universal Mind is the life principle of every atom which is in existence.

6. How can the Individual act on the Universal?

The ability of the individual to think is his ability to act upon the Universal and bring it into manifestation.

7. What is the result of this action and interaction.

The result of this action and interaction is cause and effect; every thought is a cause and every condition an effect.

8.How are harmonious and desirable conditions secured?  

Harmonious and desirable conditions are obtained by right thinking.

9. What is the cause of all discord, inharmony, lack, and limitation?

Discord, inharmony, lack, and limitation are the result of wrong thinking.

10. What is the source of all power?

The source of all power is the world within, the Universal Fountain of Supply, the Infinite Energy of which each individual is an outlet.



13. — 250.

Charles F. Haanel

The Master Key System – Book

The Master Key System – Audio Book

Napoleon Hill’s Master Key – Audio Book

Return of the Dove

Return of the Dove

Dedicated to Nikola Tesla, this book provides the scientific answer to the great spiritual needs of today’s world.

“The Clue to Ascension is the use of Love. If there is any discord shown toward Matter, toward a physical Atom, it is impossible to raise the Vibration in a Natural way. Love is the one and only answer.”

Nikola Tesla

Now that Otis T. Carr’s free-energy inventions have been announced, a vast new field of splendid far-flung wonderment opens up to the teenagers. It is these young people who will refuse to be caught up in the outmoded power limitations that led to the past dull years of brutal human struggle. Mr. Carr has expressed his great concern for the young people of today, struggling for creative expression in the turbulent world in which they have been forced to live. He speaks as follows:

“Emotions were bursting their bonds wherever you’d go.

Crimes of passion and violence raged the globe.

Bored juveniles ignored all mandate of family or public authority and harassed their neighbors with deadly intent.

Already crowded asylums doubled and tripled their quotes to admit ever-increasing numbers of the over-stressed for treatment.

And still there seemed to be no good end in sight.

Those in greedy control of the mass of minds and materials still persisted in draining off all the wealth to feed their war machine.

Prices spiraled always higher while reserves of natural resources crept ever more swiftly toward wasted exhaustion.

The public media were splashed with these pressures of fear and hate. News of nations at each other’s throats with boasts of bigger and ever more powerful weapons of devastation were coupled with loud threats, which if ever carried out could only result in the total annihilation of existing life on planet Earth.

Little wonder then that boundless joy came to the hearts of men when they learned that free energy and space flight had been returned to our beloved globe.

Soon will the spirit of Peace descend upon mankind.

Soon will the Dove return bearing the symbolic olive branch.”

Ottis T. Carr

This, then, is our heritage, our divine and glorious destiny. Now in the glad years ahead, our New Age children will grow into the golden age of heaven on earth, with scarcely a memory of past darkness. This has been made possible because countless men and women, drawn from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, together with a certain White Dove, have chosen to steadfastly serve the Light.

There is more to be said, much more, and the story of the Light that ever lights the beating heart of mankind will be continued in a second volume – Flame of the Dove.

Margaret Storm

Written in November of the year 1957

Contents: Now and In the Beginning; The Days Just Ahead; The End of Man’s Crucifixion; This Cosmic Moment; The Nikola Tesla Story; Farewell of the Dove; The Arthur H. Matthews Story; The Otis T. Carr Story; Let There Be Light; Suggested Reading List.

Return of the Dove – Audiobook

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