Break a Bad Habit

Break a Bad Habit


My mind is full of peace, poise, balance, and equilibrium. The infinite lies stretched in smiling repose within me. I am not afraid of anything in the past, the present, or the future. The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind leads, guides, and directs me in all ways. I now meet every situation with faith, poise, calmness, and confidence. I am now completely free from the habit. My mind is full of inner peace, freedom, and joy. I forgive myself; then I am forgiven. Peace, health, and confidence reign supreme in my mind.

Commentary: You are a creature of habit. Habit is the function of your subconscious mind. You learned to swim, ride a bicycle, dance, and drive a car by consciously doing these things over and over again until they established tracks in your subconscious mind. Then, the automatic habit action of your subconscious mind took over. This is sometimes called second nature, which is a reaction of your subconscious mind to your thinking and acting. You are free to choose a good habit or a bad habit. If you repeat a negative thought or act over a period of time, you will be under the compulsion of a habit. The law of your subconscious is compulsion.

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The Urantia Book

The Urantia Book


  • The Cosmos
  • Life After Death
  • Angels and Other Celestial Personalities


  • Evolution
  • Adam and Eve
  • Development of Civilization
  • Spirituality


  • The Human and Devine Jesus
  • The Missing Years
  • His Teachings

The Urantia Book – Audio

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KARMA – A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

KARMA – A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

Unraveling Karma

To All seekers…

The inner journey through an uncharted landscape can be fraught with contradictions of thought, emotion, experience, and action. Lifting the haze of these contradictions in the minds and hearts of all seekers of truth is the goal.

Spiritual seekers usually want to shed their karma, but it is important to remember that karma is not our enemy. It is not necessary to eliminate all karma to lead a life of well-being. Indeed, we would not be able to live without karma, for human life is sustained by it. At the same time, karma can become wounding and deeply entangling if we do not learn how to handle it.

You are free to choose whether you want to generate positive karma for the future, distance yourself from your karmic package, or dissolve it altogether. The choice is yours…

This book hopes to be both an exploration and a guide, offering the reader keys to living intelligently and joyfully in a challenging world. In the process, it seeks to restore the word karma to its original transformational potential. It hopes to peel off accretions of misunderstanding and look at karma in all its pristine power and with all its explosive resonance.

karma: Refers to the volition with which one performs action. Karma is the mechanism by which relative existence maintains itself. Refers to past action: the cause of all bondage. That which binds one to the body and creates tendencies that rule one’s life. Law of cause and effect.

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Identify Your Life’s Purpose

Identify Your Life’s Purpose


The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind reveals to me my true place in life, and I follow the lead which comes clearly into my conscious, reasoning mind. It knows me intimately. It identifies my interests, knowledge, skills, talents, and passions and delivers opportunities to me that I am perfectly suited for and interested in. I accept opportunities and see that I am happy and productive in my work. I am in harmony with my supervisor and coworkers as we strive to achieve common goals. I am able to contribute value and use my mind creatively to discover valuable innovations for products, services, and processes. And I Am compensated accordingly.

Commentary: Nearly everyone wants to live a “purpose-driven life,” but many have no idea what their purpose or station in life is or should be. Use this affirmation to pass the challenge along to your subconscious mind – the creative part of your mind that serves as a gateway to infinite intelligence. Your subconscious mind is the perfect placement service and will deliver a position that is the perfect fit.

Joseph Murphy

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A New Christ

A New Christ

I Am the Way, Truth, Life

A lost world is a world which has lost the truth about life, and a lost man or woman is simply one who has lost the truth about life, and there is no other way under heaven to save the lost but by telling them the truth about life.

Statement of Being

There is one Mind, and I AM that Mind. That Mind is eternal, and it is Life.

I am that Mind, and I am ETERNAL LIFE.

That Mind knows no disease; I am that Mind, and I am HEALTH. That Mind is the source of all Power and cannot know doubt nor fear; I am that Mind, and I am POWER and PEACE.

That Mind knows only Truth and knows ALL truth; I am that Mind, and I am KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM.

All things created and uncreated are in that Mind; I am that Mind, and I am WEALTHY and PLENTY.

I am the WAY, and the TRUTH, and the LIFE; the LIGHT in me shines out to bless the world.

This will give you love-consciousness: the will to bless and the will to love. Eternal life; health; power and peace; wisdom; wealth; and love; when you are conscious of all these, you have attained cosmic consciousness; you are in Christ, and Christ is in you.

Understand and affirm that you are one with Power.

There is only one power, only one life, only one intelligence; the Father, which we call cosmic consciousness. The Father, as described by Jesus, is Universal Spirit, working in All, through All, and FOR ALL.

To be one with the Father is to be one with Spirit, and to be one with Spirit is to so harmonize with it that thought, life, power, and wisdom shall come in a continuous inflow from Spirit into our minds and bodies.

With complete consciousness, judgment becomes impossible, for there is nothing to judge.

Cosmic consciousness or conscious unity with Eternal Spirit can only be attained by a continuous and sustained effort on the part of man. The extension of consciousness always requires a mental effort, and this effort, when it is a seeking for unity with Spirit, constitutes prayer.

“God is Spirit,” said Jesus, “and they who approach Him must approach Him through their own Spirits.”

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Affirm the Power of Your subconscious Mind

Affirm the Power of Your subconscious Mind

I can do all things through the power of my Subconscious Mind. Whatever thought I consciously impress upon my Subconscious, my Subconscious will find a way to make happen. Strength, health, and goodness flow through me and all of those around me, and I wish the best for everyone I encounter throughout each and every day. I am thankful for all of the blessings bestowed upon me.

Commentary: For affirmations to be effective, you must believe in the power of belief. This affirmation helps build belief, which then serves as the foundation on which all other affirmations are built.

The Power of Your subconscious Mind – Audiobook

The Power of Your subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
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“Does spiritual work help the world?”

To endeavor to evolve spiritually is the greatest gift you can give.

It actually uplifts all humankind from within because of the nature of power itself. Power radiates and is shared, whereas force is limited, self-defeating, and evanescent. All society is subliminally and subtly influenced by every kind and loving thought, word, or deed. Every forgiveness is a benefit to everyone. The Universe notes and records every action and returns it in kind. Every kindness is forever.


“What are the qualities and attitudes needed to advance in consciousness?”

Start with certainty and a feeling of security instead of self-doubt or timidity. Accept without reservation that you are worthy of the quest and be resolved to totally surrender to the truth about God. The facts that are to be unreservedly accepted are simple and immensely powerful. Surrendering to them brings enormous spiritual advancement.

12 Spiritual Facts