Hitler’s UFO against the New World Order

Hitler’s UFO against the New World Order

Revelation of the New Sargon

“There will be the triumph of the fair and just, of those brave ones who learned to walk faithfully through the shadow of Evil. When the Third Sargon comes to fight the Final Battles, they will be His swords. From the flaming battle crafts, will be destroyed the darkness with its rays. They will be victorious over the enemies, indifferent to his enormously greater numbers. And they will exalt themselves of the Earth’s hemisphere forever.”

(This is a reproduction of an article by Miguel Serrano that was published in Santiago, on the 16th of August of the year 104 (1993).)

The New World Order

One of the Rothschild, more than a hundred years ago, had said: “Money is power. Give me the money and I will own everything”. And they gave it; or better, he sought it, just when the rest believed that what was really important were the things, especially the things of the Earth, the apples, grapes, etc. Today, money poisons all things and we think that it is only worth the money that it produces – if it produces. But there is something more important than money and that was so even before the conforming to this “pipe dream”: Knowing. Rothschild knew that money was power, that is, he knew what he would do with the money. The truly important things are knowledge and the information, the “data banks”, that allow to deduce and to know, with almost a 100 percent probability, or safety, of what is going to happen. This is data processing and its current sophisticated technology.

On this basis, it is more or less fairly easy to understand what is happening on Earth. Avery small group, which up to today has been the proprietor of the money, has bought the producing brains of computer science, taking possession also of knowing. Result: The New Order or World Government, is in a few secret hands, although not unknown.

Benjamin Disraeli (Jewish), Prime Minister of the Queens Victoria, in England, stated that “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” Also, the German Minister Rathenau, in 1912, confirmed: “three hundred men, each of whom knows the others, decide the destiny of the world and choose their successors.” Lenin revealed to his collaborators that “behind the October Revolution there are personages much more influential than the thinkers and executors of Marxism“. Never more than now has this been made so evident. Another Rothschild, Edmond (Baron by the grace of money), in turn, had made statements in the magazine “Enterprise“: “the structure that must disappear is the Nation”. And in concise step with the Grand Orient of France: “the idea of a homeland, as it is currently understood should be destroyed in the spirit of the children. It is necessary to make it disappear……”

This Masonic idea is the “Illuminati of Bavaria” (the Illuminati) and was brought to North America by George Washington. In 1935, it was incorporated by Roosevelt as a symbol and no less than on the dollar, with the figure of the pyramid with an eye open at the top and the legend at the bottom: “Novus ordo seculorum”. “New World Order” and the date 1776, which is the date of the founding of the lodge of the Illuminati of Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt (Jewish), submitted to the Rothschild’s.

It was founded on May 1st of that year and this date is commemorated worldwide today under the pretext of “Labor Day”. The seal of the Illuminati pyramid with its watchful eye on top symbolizes the New World Order and has projected for centuries. Recorded in the currency of the United States of America, it is saying that it will be imposed by blood and by fire and by that nation. Only one vigilant eye will control the order adapted to the pyramid, it will be a terrible and total enslavement at its base.

Again, it is another Rothschild; Philip, at a meeting in San Antonio, Texas, of the Council of Thirteen, the highest level under the top of the pyramid of the invisible and secret government; it was on August 1st, 1972 that he made the cryptic statement: “When you see the lights of New York go out, then know that our objective has been achieved”. Does anyone remember the sudden blackout of Ney York on the night of July 14th, 1977? The French Revolution is commemorated on July 14th, an important achievement in the plans of the Illuminati.

Let us not forget that there was a much greater “Blackout” than that, which affected eight States, including New York, on November 9th, 1965. On November 9th, 1919 the armistice was signed in the First World War. But even more so, November 9th is also the date on which the National Socialists pay tribute to the victims of the Munich Putsch. This first “blackout” was a question of explaining the intervention of “flying saucers, which it has been claimed that they had been seen flying over the Nation.

Returning to the subject of money, we would confirm that it has no nationality, having not even actual existence, being overcome by computing, more and more in “electronic money”, becoming a transfer vibration; i.e., in pure energy, therefore if Japan buys an entire North American or German industrial complex, it is not Japan that buys it but rather there was only an “electronic funds transfer” with a certain intensity of “pulsations” which has traveled across the Earth. It is the same for the Chilean entrepreneurs, the “Dragons”, who acquire industries in Argentina. The money does not exist, only a small group without a face, who knows because it controls that “pulsating movement”, that energy, and it can be anywhere, even under the Earth and out of the Earth.

This is how they would run Economics and their teachers, those of military strategy, of geopolitics, not those of geomancy. And now there cannot be a “Mother of all Battles”. There will be more accumulation of technology and computer science so that the concentration of technology, the electronic, can be used to cause or predict economic crises, to cause geographical catastrophes, or to destroy an “invented enemy,” without losing a man or their hidden, indestructible fortress. The next universal economic crises will come with the destruction of capitalism, after that of Marxism and the end of paper money: banknotes, checks, and even the plastic money – credit cards – without ever affecting the secret Invisible Government, who will be the very ones who provoked it.

When all this is born in mind it makes it much easier to understand the “liquidation by decree”, in almost one week, the entire Empire of the Soviet Union was liquidated (Chernobyl would have been an ultimatum, although it is not completely sure if it belonged to the Secret World Government). Those that “control the real power in the Soviet Union”, as Lenin had said, had reached a determined point in the implementation of the globalist new order (which will be the most totalitarian dictatorship that the world has ever known, a total slavery) and decided that it would be better established by a subtler and more insidious means than the coarse “dictatorship of the proletariat“, with the use of credit cards (that did not exist in the Marxist world); of the “electronic external indebtedness” of Nations to the ubiquitous Banking phantom; for the laser chip (mark) in the wrist or arm, which will replace the “plastic money” of the credit card, with a new style of the “universal brand products” in the supermarkets. So, everything will be better known, and it will end forever the freedom of the individual. Total enslavement. The New World Order. Globalism, better and more effective than the International Socialism. So already we see the most illustrious representatives of the old Marxism turning overnight into the lackeys of consumerism, of capitalism, of the social economy of the market, and becoming the businessmen of the international money because they still believe that the power is in the money, when it is in the knowledge. They will not be – especially if they belong to the third world – more than the tiny pawns of the masters without a face of the secret World Government in this new transnational order.

To achieve the Masonic and Enlightenment ideal of the Grand Orient of France (the Illuminati) and to finish off nations and homelands (“carnal fatherlands” as De Gaulle would say), they first need to unify the world, standardize it, ending the individual and their natural particularities. (Nature is not uniform, even snowflakes confirm a difference; there is not one equal to another. This is also said of geomancy, the magical science of the Earth and its astral currents; electromagnetic, invisible currents endure, even if the geopolitics of the physical and visible borders are finished.)

Its intention is to end all National Tradition, along with the legendary institutions and all that helps shape the soul of a peculiarity, of a difference, the intangible thing that has been created by love and dedication across the centuries to deliver perhaps the only possible and real freedom to man: to feel different in a sea of ephemeral, perishable waves, in a differentiated point – geomantist – of the smallest star lost in the closed Universe. The World Government has already divided the Earth into three precise zones: the creator of technology is at the top, who extends and perfects the knowledge, but it does not stay in the hands of the inventors but goes on to the small group of brains of the Invisible Government. The inventors would be where today there are still Germany, England, the United States, and Japan, comprising three continents. Then there come the consumers of the technology and possibly the manufacturers too: for example, Italy and Spain. The rest is called the “Third World” and it is destined for the “supply and carry”, as is said in military slang to produce raw materials and cheap labor, and from there you will not be able to leave. This includes South and Central America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

That is why, when we try to leave, our grapes poison themselves, we are sown strains of cholera and then our most imaginative businessmen are pursued. They are also pretending to liquidate our copper industry, that is, if it is not transferred into the hands of the First World. There exist orders from the World Powers given to their financial institutions of credit, of giving neither loans nor technological information to the producers of copper of the Third World, which could contribute to the developing and improving of the industry.

The New Order, the World Government, is not only trying to keep the underdevelopment of countries in certain areas of the Earth, but, in addition, to reduce its population in particular and the world in general. So, you have, for some time, very sophisticated scientific and technological means capable of producing “synthetic viruses, such as AIDS and others even more lethal, that will appear. They can also manipulate the weather, precipitating “natural” disasters, floods, torrential rains, droughts or introduce poisons in air pollution, collaborating with the vengeful fury of nature that in the darkest time of Kaliyuga, ” gets in tune with man in his destructive delirium”, as said by Professor C. G. Jung. Thus, it would aim to reduce the world’s population, this in addition to some local wars, which are always less efficient.

The Importance that our country is given, as a land area of special planetary impact, is reflected in the Bunker that the World Government, through its principal agent the United States, has had built: their Embassy in Santiago. It is something like the headquarters of a Viceroy, a gigantic center of psychotronic manipulation, information and projection of subatomic particles, which induce and monitor political developments and social events in advance. This head office or center of the World Empire of the New Order would be destined not only to the mastery of our country but of the South Pacific Ocean and of all South America, up to the Antarctic.

How very small the politicians are, with their immediate electoral worries, when seen from this perspective! What is it that they really want, what they really seek? Accept it all, until the slavery?

We have said that knowledge is power, and knowledge can come in other ways besides money, for it is the active, individual, thinking brain. It is because of this that they also seek to destroy the brain, with the technology, the computation, the current education, the music and the drugs, transforming the young people into entire ignorant muses and drug addicts, patients with AIDS, into only parodies of a real man. The drug trafficking and Terrorism are both under the control of the World Government and their Services of Intelligence.

In particular, the heroin trade, that finances its “covert operations” without the need to get approved funds from in front of cameras and Senates. It is because of this that it is necessary for the police services and the armies, anything national, to come to rely on and to be controlled by the “Intelligence of the Empire”. Hence the installation of the FBI into Chile’s Palace, how joyously and recklessly has the Government informed us. All of this, under the pretext of combating drug trafficking.  Our sovereignty is at risk from a mortal danger on having installed forever (how could it be possible to extract it now?) the most powerful world machine of a gigantic foreign intelligence service, that is now officially allowed in our territory. A matter of such gravity cannot be treated lightly and must be the subject of a law discussed in Parliament, the press and the public. However, “we are hypnotized like” and nobody here seems to understand the importance of such a serious thing. It would be desirable that our leaders and legislators should give some time to read, study and learn about the serious revelations and allegations made by the New York Times in February 1990, and the ABC Evening News, on the same date (statements made by American Senators), about the complicity of the Government in the trafficking of cocaine and chemicals for the manufacture of illegal drugs in South America, along with money laundering. There is a book that delivers irrefutable evidence about the complicity of the FBI and the CIA. It accuses the CIA, the FBI, and former agent of the Intelligence Service of the Navy of the United States, William Cooper, in his remarkable book, “Behold a Pale Horse“.

These serious revelations also give proof that there are still other means than money to access knowledge. There are still men, men of free spirit, a few men of honor. To put an end to threat that men impose, in addition to murder, the Invisible Government also has other very sophisticated means, as in the breakdown of compensated energy, but this is another issue. The so-called “psychotronic war” or “low-intensity war“, has produced real catastrophes, they are amongst us, it could be that one of them is another tragic case of telephone espionage with victims “acting as under hypnosis”, according to statements by one of them.

Nevertheless, and in spite of everything, Chile still has not been defeated, because you keep our traditions, our institutions, and our soul. Pertaining to the mortal danger of “globalism” there are only two possible positions and attitudes: meekly accept the imperialism of the World Government and New Order, which in the end will impose total slavery and disgrace for the peoples of the third world of rebel and fight with heroism, to oppose it, to resist. Because in the Universe there are far greater forces than the purely material ones that exist on the Earth. The faith and heroism that is able to confront injustice and slavery, in the end, will win. This is a race against time and the will to resist will one day defeat the oppressive giant, because even though it appears as if to be all so powerful, the giant of the New World Order has feet of clay.

The first project of the flying disc, documented even by the press, the first one in history, was planned and designed in Germany back in 1928. It was an ongoing project that was implemented in small steps, new technical ideas and inventions that contributed, directly and indirectly, to the realization of the construction of the V-7, the revolutionary unconventional thrusters, the Haunebu, Vril, and Andromeda types, and so on……

“The world will melt in its affliction; but you…Raise your head with courage, because you have already won!”

Hitler’s UFO against the New World Order

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