KARMA – A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

KARMA – A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny

Unraveling Karma

To All seekers…

The inner journey through an uncharted landscape can be fraught with contradictions of thought, emotion, experience, and action. Lifting the haze of these contradictions in the minds and hearts of all seekers of truth is the goal.

Spiritual seekers usually want to shed their karma, but it is important to remember that karma is not our enemy. It is not necessary to eliminate all karma to lead a life of well-being. Indeed, we would not be able to live without karma, for human life is sustained by it. At the same time, karma can become wounding and deeply entangling if we do not learn how to handle it.

You are free to choose whether you want to generate positive karma for the future, distance yourself from your karmic package, or dissolve it altogether. The choice is yours…

This book hopes to be both an exploration and a guide, offering the reader keys to living intelligently and joyfully in a challenging world. In the process, it seeks to restore the word karma to its original transformational potential. It hopes to peel off accretions of misunderstanding and look at karma in all its pristine power and with all its explosive resonance.

karma: Refers to the volition with which one performs action. Karma is the mechanism by which relative existence maintains itself. Refers to past action: the cause of all bondage. That which binds one to the body and creates tendencies that rule one’s life. Law of cause and effect.

Karma: The Eternal Enigma

Sutra #1

Karma is about becoming the source of one’s own creation.

In shifting responsibility from heaven to oneself,

one becomes the very maker of one’s destiny.

Volition: The Basis of Karma

Sutra #2

Ultimately, life is neither suffering nor bliss.

It is what you make it.

Karma as Memory

Sutra #3

There is only one crime against life:

to make believe that you are something other than life.

The Great Karmic Warehouse

Sutra #4

However profound it is, everything that

comes from memory spells karmic bondage.

How Did It All Begin

Sutra #5

Pure intelligence creates memory out of itself;

the rest of creation projects memory as intelligence.

Karma Yoga

Sutra #6

In losing awareness of self is the trap of karma.

The hunter becomes the hunted, the architect becomes the

bonded laborer, the creator becomes creation.

A spider trapped in a web of its own making is a tragedy.

Karma Yoga and the Physical Body

Sutra #7

If you take more karmic load now when you are well and

capable, later you will walk “hands-free”!

Karma Yoga and the Mental Body

Sutra #8

If you experience this moment just once,

you will never be able to fall out of it.

Karma Yoga and the Energy Body

Sutra #9

It is not about performing miracles.

It is about recognizing the miracle of life that you are.

Karma Conversations (10 – 16)

Sutra #10

As far as the laws of existence are concerned,

there is no good and bad, no crime and punishment.

It is just that for every action, there is a consequence.

Sutra #11

When there is no imprint of karma in conscious experience,

every action and experience becomes liberating.

Sutra #12

You cannot own life; you can only live it.

Sutra #13

Right now, you are like a bubble that says “The air that I hold

in my lungs is my air.” You still have to exhale!

Sutra #14

In maintaining distance from

your thought and emotions,

you can become available to the grace of

the greatest beings of the past.

Sutra #15

You have the choice and ability to be any way you want

in a given moment. That is the freedom and the curse.

Most human beings are suffering their freedom.

Sutra #16

Every human being is in the process of becoming divine…

Collaborating with Nature’s plan is all you need to do.

Karma and the Courtesan’s Jewelry

Sutra #17

Those who long to leave a footprint shall never fly.

Do not think of karma in terms of lifetimes. Think of it in terms of just this Living Moment.

“…A day is but a piece of time

That lets us live and die.

This day let us live and

Live totally.”



Karma, Consciousness, and Freedom: New Understandings from Sadhguru with Sage and Tony Robbins

Karma, Consciousness, and Freedom: New Understandings from Sadhguru with Sage and Tony Robbins
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