Age Of Panic

Age Of Panic

Age of Panic by SENSER

Age of Panic – SENSER

[This is your fate on Earth]

Check it check it out, check it out, check it check it out
Bring it bring it on, bring it on, come on, come on
Check it check it out, check it out, check it check it out

My name is Crash
Sidewinding, I flash like a burning flare
Don’t look away ’cause I’m already in there
I’ve been there – wherever you stare
I’ve been there longer than you care to remember

Buried deep inside you, now you must step
To accept all the past behind you
Pain breeding pain and it’s back again
Only the scars in your brain remain

So you look for a vent, you consent to escape
What’s gone and now I’m on
From the nipple to the needle to the bottle
And you’re never satisfied
For these crimes, you must be tried

You can’t hide ’cause I am reality
Your birthright is a world of insanity
Disconnected legacy and you will never see
An end to the global savagery

Continuing to feed your desire for more
But deep down you know the truth
You’ll never find what you’re looking for
It’s gone and you can’t buy it back
And now your senses are under attack

So you act automatic
And turn to the frantic nation of addicts
Reduced to the manic, false erratic
Solemn doped up slaves and servants of greed
Because you were born into the age of panic

Now I’m going all city with the master plan
I’m faster man and I’m about to tell just who I am
I am the reality you can’t escape
The visions recorded on disk and tape

The rape, the horror, the shame so familiar
My words fill you with dread and then kill you dead
Stone cold in your stride
I fill a hole in your soul around fifty miles wide

I’m the contradiction each time you speak
I keep you weakened, get down at your feet
I am the part that you can never reconcile
You’re right here but you’re living in exile

Walking in cities of stone, the shadows groan
Thousands of people but you’re all alone
In your own little zone, like a drone
Working in hives all your lives bowing down to the throne

The overlords made in your own image
Anesthetized you in the global village
Now you’re finished, dependent lost in a maze
You’re dazed as you stare at the glowing blaze

Erased. Your future pulses in a computer
I am you – now how’d that suit ya?
Inherited chaos now instilled as I willed
And now I just wait for the kill as they’re born into the age of panic 

THI – Truth, Honour & Integrity show – “Hello my name is Human??”

THI – Truth, Honour & Integrity show by Thomas Williams
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