There are not enough definitions of what a Winner is.

We get so wrapped up in the typical ones that the more subtle ones go unnoticed.

It is not always the person that gets the focus, the attention, or the accolades. It may take a little thought to see them, but they are right there, all around us, competing every single day, maybe even every single minute. We may not see what they are competing against, but they do.

And these amazing people, these Winners, focus on these challenges and they smash them out of their way. They do things that we should be in awe of, but we never pay attention.

And the most amazing thing is that they do not care what we think. They do not care if we notice. They do not care if they are ever recognized for what they do. Because they have transcended our narrow definition of a Winner and created their own.

And that is what a Winner really is.