A New Christ

A New Christ

I Am the Way, Truth, Life

A lost world is a world which has lost the truth about life, and a lost man or woman is simply one who has lost the truth about life, and there is no other way under heaven to save the lost but by telling them the truth about life.

Statement of Being

There is one Mind, and I AM that Mind. That Mind is eternal, and it is Life.

I am that Mind, and I am ETERNAL LIFE.

That Mind knows no disease; I am that Mind, and I am HEALTH. That Mind is the source of all Power and cannot know doubt nor fear; I am that Mind, and I am POWER and PEACE.

That Mind knows only Truth and knows ALL truth; I am that Mind, and I am KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM.

All things created and uncreated are in that Mind; I am that Mind, and I am WEALTHY and PLENTY.

I am the WAY, and the TRUTH, and the LIFE; the LIGHT in me shines out to bless the world.

This will give you love-consciousness: the will to bless and the will to love. Eternal life; health; power and peace; wisdom; wealth; and love; when you are conscious of all these, you have attained cosmic consciousness; you are in Christ, and Christ is in you.

Understand and affirm that you are one with Power.

There is only one power, only one life, only one intelligence; the Father, which we call cosmic consciousness. The Father, as described by Jesus, is Universal Spirit, working in All, through All, and FOR ALL.

To be one with the Father is to be one with Spirit, and to be one with Spirit is to so harmonize with it that thought, life, power, and wisdom shall come in a continuous inflow from Spirit into our minds and bodies.

With complete consciousness, judgment becomes impossible, for there is nothing to judge.

Cosmic consciousness or conscious unity with Eternal Spirit can only be attained by a continuous and sustained effort on the part of man. The extension of consciousness always requires a mental effort, and this effort, when it is a seeking for unity with Spirit, constitutes prayer.

“God is Spirit,” said Jesus, “and they who approach Him must approach Him through their own Spirits.”

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