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Another great THI show this week! I always look forward to the following week’s Thursday show. I find it nice to get the majority of my news once per week. Then again, often THI confirms much of what I uncover in my own research and study. It’s nice not to feel alone in this present collective reality. Who’s ready for a Quantum Shift? Long live Truth, Honor, and Integrity. The world needs it more than ever right now—blessings to, ALL.

Return of the Dove

Return of the Dove

Dedicated to Nikola Tesla, this book provides the scientific answer to the great spiritual needs of today’s world.

“The Clue to Ascension is the use of Love. If there is any discord shown toward Matter, toward a physical Atom, it is impossible to raise the Vibration in a Natural way. Love is the one and only answer.”

Nikola Tesla

Now that Otis T. Carr’s free-energy inventions have been announced, a vast new field of splendid far-flung wonderment opens up to the teenagers. It is these young people who will refuse to be caught up in the outmoded power limitations that led to the past dull years of brutal human struggle. Mr. Carr has expressed his great concern for the young people of today, struggling for creative expression in the turbulent world in which they have been forced to live. He speaks as follows:

“Emotions were bursting their bonds wherever you’d go.

Crimes of passion and violence raged the globe.

Bored juveniles ignored all mandate of family or public authority and harassed their neighbors with deadly intent.

Already crowded asylums doubled and tripled their quotes to admit ever-increasing numbers of the over-stressed for treatment.

And still there seemed to be no good end in sight.

Those in greedy control of the mass of minds and materials still persisted in draining off all the wealth to feed their war machine.

Prices spiraled always higher while reserves of natural resources crept ever more swiftly toward wasted exhaustion.

The public media were splashed with these pressures of fear and hate. News of nations at each other’s throats with boasts of bigger and ever more powerful weapons of devastation were coupled with loud threats, which if ever carried out could only result in the total annihilation of existing life on planet Earth.

Little wonder then that boundless joy came to the hearts of men when they learned that free energy and space flight had been returned to our beloved globe.

Soon will the spirit of Peace descend upon mankind.

Soon will the Dove return bearing the symbolic olive branch.”

Ottis T. Carr

This, then, is our heritage, our divine and glorious destiny. Now in the glad years ahead, our New Age children will grow into the golden age of heaven on earth, with scarcely a memory of past darkness. This has been made possible because countless men and women, drawn from the farthest reaches of the galaxy, together with a certain White Dove, have chosen to steadfastly serve the Light.

There is more to be said, much more, and the story of the Light that ever lights the beating heart of mankind will be continued in a second volume – Flame of the Dove.

Margaret Storm

Written in November of the year 1957

Contents: Now and In the Beginning; The Days Just Ahead; The End of Man’s Crucifixion; This Cosmic Moment; The Nikola Tesla Story; Farewell of the Dove; The Arthur H. Matthews Story; The Otis T. Carr Story; Let There Be Light; Suggested Reading List.

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